Hi Hank – OK – Now I sho


Hi Hank –

OK – Now I show my age….

Worked professionally (at least one major program written) in:

Languages: Assembler, C (not C++ however), Cobol, Fortran, Basic, PL/1, Pascal
DBMS’s: NOMAD (helped write that DBMS), Access, dbVista, dBase III
Scripting: EXEC, EXEC2. Rexx, BAT, DCL, CLIST
PC OS’s: Windows (all flavors), OS/2, DOS
Mini/Mainframe OS’s: OpenVMS, VM/370 (CP/CMS), MVS, OS/VS1 (MFT), OS/VS2 (MVT), MVS, DOS/VSE

Have also played around with VB, APL, Linux, lots of others that I cannot even remember any more…..

God, I’m getting old……

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