Hi Hank -> – I was showi


Hi Hank

-> – I was showing you the properties window incase there was something out of whack with the properties.

-> – I removed all the filters (had some colour fixes on there) and got to "Motion" at which point I could see the "X" with the corners to grab – so I can resize it that way.

πŸ˜• will this effect the quality of the dvd?

πŸ˜• Also, since most of the sequence is undersized, is there anyway to rezize it all at once or do I have to go clip by clip? I tried using the "select everything to the right" tool but then the effects window said "no clips selected"

πŸ˜• 3) when resizing, I added the "safe margins" — outside the outermost margin.. does that mean none of that will show on the TV? cause if thats the case, the rezizing would only be about 80-90% of the sequence window. Should I resize to that or to the window size?

πŸ˜• while we’re rappin here, do you (or have you) use the SteadyCam filter — this is old footage shot on a spring / wind up 8mm camera – really jumpy. do you recomend those kind of filters?

Im having a PC built right now that will have dual monitor capability. Im hoping to be able to preview on a TV in future. Take the guess work out.

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