Hi GuysMaybe this will e


Hi Guys

Maybe this will explain what I need better.

Source 1 is a video clip that will eventually run as the background, it has various actors interacting with each other and interacting with an other person who is not in the clip.

Source 2 is a real time feed from a camera with a subject in front of the green screen that will interact with the ones from the video clip (source 1) that replaces the green screen. The subject needs to see a monitor with source 1 (the clip) and source 2 (him self) this all will be saved to a file for eventual placement on a web page.

I looked at the Sima SFX-9 Digital Video Effects Mixer it looks great.

Has anyone here ever used it ?

I am not sure if its new or not the web page at Sima says "Available January 2007" also I saw an "A" designator on the Sima site and no such designation on the retail sales sites.

I found the Manual in .PDF and read it and it seems real simple which is what I need.


I am going to call them (Sima) on Monday I will let you know what they say.

I went to VC web site watched the video (and was impressed). I downloaded the trial version only to find that it (the trial version) doesn’t include the chroma stuff or what they call the V-Screen.

It seems pretty strait forward as well.

I am going to call them on Monday also and see if I can get the V-Screen stuff sent to me.
They have a lot of stuff left out of the demo that they say is for space reasons and all the output is watermarked as "Trial version" so I am guessing they may send it to me.

And yes the Studio version of it does LIVE streaming to the Web, not actually a feature we need but still cool.

You guys have been extremely helpful already any more ideas would be appriciated.


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