Hi Guys I’ve been using St


Hi Guys
I’ve been using Studio 9 and have upgraded to 10 titanium.
I have had little problem with both programs. Studio 9 crashed a couple of times on a couple of projects with lots of "wizz bang truff" and loads of chapter menus, but if I loaded the project and let it do all the background rendering bfore I started flying around the screen I had no trouble.
Studio 10 has been upgraded. It hasnt crashed – yet, but was hopless at importing Studio9 projects. I just finised them off in 9.
I have a Pentium 4 3.Ghz singlre core processor, 1 gig of Ram, 128 Meg video card and 4 hard drives. Studio is on c drive(IDE). Projects are on F Drive (sata), Capture on E drive( Sata) and Music and photographs for projects on D Drive (IDE)
So you see I have nothing flash. Only thing that is different to most user – it has no other programs on the machine – only dedicated to video.

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