Hi guys, I just wanted to


Hi guys,

I just wanted to put a quick update in here. I got the last piece finally! It is as described and 58mm threads. However it doesn’t fit! The reason is that a discrepency in how the thread size was measured. It’s an outside/inside diameter issue and just doesn’t fit. I was quite bummbed becaue I thought I was all set by asking "hey, what’s the thread size?" but I guess I was wrong.

Anywho, I’ve found a different brand, and I was told specifically if I wanted to screw a 58mm UV camcorder filter on to it, that I could. So I may order that, or I may try to figure out if I can get any kind of simple step down rings for the one I have now. At least the good part is it ships from MI, so it should be a little quicker. πŸ™‚

Sorry that I don’t have any results to show you. Hopefully I’ll have something soon though.

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