Hi guys, sorry was on spec


Hi guys, sorry was on special Videomaker assignment and had a much needed (short) vacation. Yes Magix Video Pro X is a great program for 3 reasons:

1.) User Friendly

2.) Professional Level Editing

3.) Price

First up, it is way too easy to do everything that was hard to figure out in Premeire or FCP as a beginner. The first time I looked at this program I could pick it up and figure it out. Everything from unlinking tracks, to mixing audio to creating advanced and heavily layered filters over the video. Just so easy!

Second, I thought that since I had never heard of the program, it would well suck! And no, I was very wrong. It could take in AVCHD, made ripping from CDs understandable for me and exporting was very simple. The point here is, whatever advanced piece of the puzzle I needed it could do plus it made things easy.

And lastly, seriously it’s cheap! Better deal than a lot of the other bigger more widely known options….

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