Hi guys. Iwant to ask a qu


Hi guys. Iwant to ask a question about bluray. I have a panasonic hdc sd60 camcorder. It films 1920x 1080p. When i transfer my footage to my hard drive it becomes m2ts file which is ok. I edit it in premiere pro cs3. We’re only talking 10 seconds long. I have also tried it in sony vegas platinum hd. I have tried numerous settings including mainconcept h264. I have an lg bluray burner. I burn it to bluray. My pc isn’t powerful enough to play back bluray so i playit back on my bluray player through my tv. Picture quality isperfect but any movement like say someone walking past or a car driving by it is very choppy,not smooth at all. If i play the footage from my camera directly through via hdmi lead the footage is perfectly smooth. I have been editing video on my comp for about ten years. I am new to hd footage. Am i doing something wrong. I would be very greatefull for any help.Thanks.

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