Hi Guys, I’m new round her


Hi Guys, I’m new round here but not new to Pinnacle.

I’ve been suffering with this programme for about 5 years, crashes galore, lost files, computer locking up… you know the story, I’ve tried other editing programmes with similar experiences. However, about 9 months ago I bought a new super fast PC with 2 gb of memory and since then there hasn’t been a single problem.

Rendering speed is unbelievably fast, no dropped frames, a 10 min clip with effects, overlays, music tracks etc can be finished in a couple of minutes.

I also find now I can transfer from my camcorder via firewire to Pinnacle in .mpg format in real time, no slowing down, then edit in .mpg but I feel the quality is not quite as good as editing in .avi and finishing and saving as .mpg for DVD

I wonder if anyone else has seen a difference in editing using these 2 formats.

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