Hi Guys,


Hi Guys,
Me as a new forum member looked around and found your entries in connection with royalty-free music. Thank you so much for the input.
From time to time I need sound tracks for my film projects. I come across the Sonic Liberty. (https://www.sonicliberty.com/en/) It is a portal of royalty-free music tracks and I am really satisfied with the service and the products!
You find a huge selection of tracks in good quality! This is especially important for my projects. The site is well structured – Not as confusing as many others.
Is not quite so cheap. But you can license one minute (for an image film or something) and if you got several tracks the money pays off. In addition to that, you can be 100% sure that everything goes right.

Well, and if you use the sound tracks not commerical you can download as much as you want:-)

Just as a little hint! Bye bye!

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