Hi guys.


Hi guys.

I've found the comments above really hjelpful as I am working on a small project that means me capturing artists in bars etc. in my local area and although the sound is OK for a budget camera someone asked if I could get a feed from the desk.

The camera has no audio input but I "assume" I could capture the audio speerately and then sync it in the video editor. The artist I was talking to last night also suggested I take a "flat" feed which I assume to mean with no EQ adjustments etc.

I'd love to be able to do this as the sound, while OK, is not really production quality and I've been asked to shoot some DVDs so improving the sound would be a great bonus I think.

Also, I have another question regarding the video…

I can adjust the white balance manually on the camera which I have used and came out OK. However, in a dark venue with gels that change colour it's not really worthwhile as the colours are changing constantly.

Yes, it's a budget camera (Panasonic HC-V110) and I have plans to upgrade and use it for cutaways etc. but for now it's what I have and I'm open to any suggestions to improve the quality of the video and or audio.


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