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Good filters for close ups are the diffusion filters from tiffen. I don’t know about the filter sizes they offer, but this filter helps make peoples faces and appearance to be more smooth with less imperfections. I haven’t used them, but I wouldn’t recommend investing in them unless your in the modeling business or something. You can check them out here:


(BTW, for a cheap "pro-mist" filter just stretch panty hose over the lens)

A more practical technique would be using a longer lens (zooming in). A short lens, or a wide angle lens, can distort peoples faces and make them look unpleasant. Using longer lenses make the talent more pleasant looking. It also compresses the background.

If you want the persons face in focus, and the background out of focus, you would want a shallow Depth Of Field, or DOF. To achieve this, use a longer lens (zoom in all the way), and open up the iris as much as possible.
If you need to, shorten the shutter speed or apply an ND filter to compensate for the wide aperture. This would give it a more traditional film look.

With a longer lens, you’ll also have to move the camera further away from the talent, so you’ll definitely want to have some sort of external mike.

Outside of the camera, you’ll want to learn or practice what you know about lighting. To make someone look more beautiful and pleasant, use softer light. This lighting will fill in the wrinkles and etc, while hard lighting would create shadows in those areas. You can do this with a softbox or any type of diffusion. Hard light makes someone look a little more sinister.
You might want to check out some articles or videos about 3 point lighting.

In the end, you should zoom in as much as possible on your talent, to provide a pleasant traditional looking close up.

If any of this doesn’t make sense, or you have a question, post it. and goodluck with the trailer

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