Hi George – you’ve gotten


Hi George – you've gotten good advice from mcrockett. I have both the BMPCC and the GH3 – and have taken them both on vacation – and I would say that, properly outfitted, the BMPCC is a decent travel camera.  But you will need a few accessories to make the camera usable.


Here's what I did to get started:


– First thing I got (after a Sandisk 95mbps card) was 4 or 5 extra $15 batteries because the camera goes through batteries so quickly.


– Second thing I got was a $25 Wooden Camera hot shoe because it was inexpensive and the camera doesn't have a hot shoe.  I didn't have the extra $100 to spend for a cage (you won't have to buy the hot shoe separately if you get your camera on sale for $495 at Adorama – it is included for free).


– Third thing I did was to put together a DIY LCD viewfinder because the LCD is impossible to see outdoors.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have spent the money for a $190 Zacuto Pocket Cinema Camera Z-Finder.


– The fourth thing I did was to buy a $20 pistol grip  – so I can start and stop the camera remotely when I get my LANC cable.


Here's what my setup looks like: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-L9gjpDgEamI/UpDRP6WSnxI/AAAAAAAAIUw/BX74cqWuFgk/w724-h543-no/P1120296.JPG

If budget permits, instead of the DIY route, you may want to consider the $495 Redrock Micro retroFlex Rig πŸ™‚
Hope this is helpful – and best of luck with your new camera,
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