Hi Gary – to answer your


Hi Gary – to answer your questions:


> Am I being too conservative by limiting ISO to 800? I use Neatvideo in Premiere as NR.


Here is low light footage from the NX1 at ISOs up to 4000 – no noise reduction in post (please watch at 2160p and your monitor's highest resolution):





Here is a low light house party (caution, NSFW for language).  Don't know what the ISO is, but the depth of field looks pretty good:





Bottom line, I think you can go higher on your ISO with the NX1 – especially if you use Neatvideo.


> In terms of future upgrade path should I consider a used Sony A7s (when the mk2 comes out and the original model is available cheaper), or look towards the Ursa Mini with all its high hi res screen and high bitrate goodness (the EF 4K would be the only one I could consider financially).


You might want to consider the $3495 JVC GY-LS300 with a $399 Canon EF to MFT Smart Adapter instead.


The LS300 has a Hollywood-sized Super 35 sensor and performs well in low light – plus it has the ability to live stream to USTREAM and other services from its own IP address with a $10 USB IP adapter, as seen here:
I've shot with this camera and it produces a very nice Ultra High Definition "4K" image. It is also sharper than the A7s, as seen here:





Plus, it has the built-in ND filters the URSA Mini lacks, it records to affordable dual SD cards (instead of the Mini's more expensive CFast 2.0 cards) and it is a pretty good in low light down to -18db or ISO 3200 (again, please watch at 2160p and your monitor's highest resolution):





Here is what this camera can do:











Here is a very nice overview from Zacuto:





And a great review from Rick Young's Movie Machine:





In my view, this camera is much better suited for wedding shooters than either DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or cinema cameras.


Hope this is helpful,



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