Hi G.H. I’ve been avoiding


Hi G.H.
I’ve been avoiding seeing this film due to subject matter. Sushi in reverse is sorta kinda not my thing for a relaxing night at the cinema. As a result of your posts I will check it out. Bon a petit!
This fim is a good advertisement for that line of Sony camcorders. Am leaning towards getting my second VX2100. I assume that the film look is achieved during post production. As an aside, I have recently worked with an LA producer and know of another one who works in Asia, both of whom are sold on the PAL versions of the 150/170 due the extra lines of resolution (compared to NTSC) and the ability to shoot in DV, which makes 40 minutes of video on 60 minute mini DV tapes. Both of these filmmakers have transferred documentary projects to actual film (vs “film look”) from this format.
Re your second post, it is very standard to redo dialogue and it is almost certain that this was done in Open Water. For films released in your local multiplexes and independent venues, the redo percent varies from substantial (25%) up to 100%. The actors are brought back and read their scripts while watching their scenes. If you stay for the credits at your local theater, you will see a whole section on ADR technicians, which stands for Audio Digital Replacement (or something like that).

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