Hi friends! Well, I’ve been


Hi friends! Well, I've been suggested to go for the Z90.
Most of the suggestions were based on the new 4K resolution. But, there's something I don't understand.
I've told not to choose the NX5R due to the time it's been in the market, I mean, the time it's pased since its lauch date. Other people told me it's still a great camcorder and it worth going for it.
So, my doubt is, why the NX5R, an almost 1 year and half old camcorder, is more expensive than the Z90, a 5-6 month old camcorder?
The prices I got them from Sony's webpage:
NX5R (Launched September 2016) – 3249 USD
Z90 (Launched December 2017) – 2799 USD

If this difference is correct, then, there must be something the NX5R offers and the Z90 doesn't.

What do you think?

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