Hi friends! One question, in


Hi friends! One question, in case I consider the NX5R or the Z90 equipments too much advanced for what I'm going to do, what do think about the Sony FDR-AX700?
It's NX80's and Z90's little sister, but I think, as far as I could see in internet (YouTube and stuff like that), it's a great semi-professional camcorder. I think it's a step foward of the common cheap home camcorders. I believe it would be a good intro to manual settings, such as focus, iris and zoom (althought it has only one ring), gain, white balance and stuff like these.
In case I need pro audio I think I can attach one to the MI Shoe connector. It has 2 card slots which will allow me to do relay recording or backup recording like the NX5R.
Also, as far as I could see it has a good image stabilization.
And of course, its affordable price would allow me to buy some extra stuff, like mics, battery pack, carry case, etc.

What do you think?


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