Hi friends! I’m still


Hi friends! I'm still researching. Don't worry Kenny, I won't rush into choosing a camera. Time is not important.
First of all, as for the option of testing out the camcorders by myself, it's not avaiable. All stores bring the equipment if you order it first. The reason? Well, acording to them these are expensive camcorders to have them in stock. They bring them if they are sure you'll buy it.

Well, as for the models we talked before, I've been looking at the X70. It has varied comments, some good and some bad. I believe these issues were resolved in the NX80, so I read about this new version of the X70.

I was surprised to see the NX80 also has negative comments. Yes, I know what must be thinking: "All models have negative comments. It's subjetive. All depends on the experiencie of each customer."
But, I read them all.

So, I found some customers complained about the focusing and others about a touch screen failure. You know, about these camcorders, the X70 and now the NX80, the touch screen and the removable XLR handle unit are things I never liked of them.
As for the touch screen, I think is not something for equipment like these. It's something delicate or fragile and I dont't like to leave my fingerprint on it everytime I have to change something.
As for the removable XLR handle unit, I was never in favour of removable things. I'm sure they are made to bear everything and to last, but I have the feeling it's going to break.

I'm not saying I'm dismissing the X70 or the NX80, but, I keep in mind the negative comments and also the fact the X70 is quite old now, the only thing positive I see is its price.
So, regarding Sony, the NX5R is leading my list so far. I didn't found negative comments about it. Just a few customers mentioned the fact it's not 4K and that it might not be the best investment in terms of creating higher resolution content down the line. But, I didn't found negative comments which mention software or physical failures. That's why I placed first on my list, while the only negative thing I could say about it it's the price, but I keep it there 'cause I know I could go fot it.

About others brands, well, I didn't have time to look at JVC, but, one thing I read about is they are a bit noisy, I mean, their cooling fan is a bit noisy. But, I didn't have time to read about image quality, their performance in low light and stuff like that. What I do know is that their price is a bit high, even a bit higher than the NX5R, taking the prices published in the JVC web page as reference.

As for the resolution, well, as I said I don't think I'm going to edit 4K videos so far. I know it's all turning to 4K but I think it's not for me right now. I think I even wouldn't be able to edit this kind of resolution and I don't have in mind upgrading or buying a new Pc.
As far as I could see in Tv, news channels use Full HD camcorders, Sony, Panasonic, Canon. I think I didn't see them using 4K camcorders.
I'm not and I won't be a professional journalist, but I take them as reference. If they use some of these cameras it's because they are good.

Have you heard about these issues with the NX80 / X70?
Have you heard about issues with the NX5R? Is it good to have this one as "highly possible" acquisition?

So, that's all at least for now. Thanks!

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