Hi friends! After several


Hi friends! After several days of research I find myfelf here:

– I dismissed the NX100. It's a great entry-level camcorder, in fact, I was very excited about it, almost decided to buy it. But, I read some bad reviews about it, customers complaining about errors after some month of using or after a year. Some complained about the focusing, others about a stabilization system failure (Error code: E:62:10). After consulting I was advised not to take the risk. So, I sadly dismissed the NX100 and had to move on and look for other models. This is a typical case of "this could happend tomorrow or this could last 100 years without any problem". I know, it's technology, nobody can predict what is going to happen.

– I started looking at the Z90, like you said it's a broadcast camcorder so I moved to the NX80, professional, not the level of the Z90 but not a common costumer camcorder level neither. Thing is, here, in Argentina, the cost of the NX80 is the same, more or less, as the NX5R. Checking the Sony Store, I found the cost difference is USD 950 (NX80 cheaper than NX5R). So, putting the 4K quality aside ('cause I won't edit 4K videos), are they the same? I mean, obviously they aren't, but, they have different bodies, different control settings. I know this will be a personal decision based on my needs and the future use I'm going to give it, but, I would like you to give me your point of view: If you would have to make your choice now between the NX80 or NX5R, what would you choose?.
By the way, comparing the sensor of the NX80, a 1" sensor, with the NX5R, three 1/2.8 sensor, does the NX5R have a good quality image in low light?

– Another offer I got is the X70 for USD 2800. Is it a good camcorder? Does it worth? Does it have things that were corrected or improved in the NX80 or Z90?.

– I also was looking at some JVC models, like GY-HM620U. Are JVC models good camcorders? Should I keep JVC models in mind?
I don't know much about JVC, I know the GY-HM620U is a professional broadcast camcorder. Is there any JVC entry-level camcorder I should look at?

Yes, it will take time until I find the ideal camcorder for me. But, I prefer to do this, a research. There's no perfect cam, but I need to feel comfortable and convinced. Meantime, I keep reading, asking, watching test videos.


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