Hi folks, thanks for your


Hi folks, thanks for your replies.

First of all, I should mention up front that I don’t intend on interfering with the detectors or doing anything else against the fire code or the law in general. Firefighting systems are obviously there for a very important reason, and ultimately the final decision is down to OH+S. The first thing on the news here this morning was a big apartment fire where two people jumped out of a 5 story window to escape…no smoke alarms.

The intention behind my original post was to ask the community if they had any suggestions for a possible workaround or had come across this issue in their own work, and thanks again for posting through your experiences and suggestions.

As this space is to be set up for ongoing use, we may have to look into the option of being able to isolate certain detectors according to our shooting times (depending on the specifics of the fire system I assume, the technicians will have to inform me if it’s possible). The idea of heat / particle extraction for individual lights is also another great suggestion. I’ve already faced the fact that shooting in an office is going to pose some unavoidable audio problems, but we actually have a separate area with decent isolation to record voiceovers and the like.

The area where the studio space is to be set up only has 2x particle detectors, though in reality there are probably 1 or 2 more that are in close enough proximity to be a ‘maybe’. The only area with heat detectors / sprinklers (detectors with the little red vial in them) is in the kitchen area of the office, and that’s far enough away from the area for the heat not to be an issue.

If anyone reading this has any further input it’d be greatly appreciated, the more the merrier.

More news as it happens, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks all.

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