Hi folks thanks for all t


Hi folks thanks for all the input!

After much deliberation, and really sitting down to figure out how I am going to use a camera, I have decided to possibly purchase two cameras one better one now, and then taking the advice from the comments above, a utility one of the Flip or Aiptek variety specifically for hiking when the season really cranks up in the spring.

That being said – on nice dry summer days it is possible I may take the better camera up in the mountains on hikes anyways.

One thing that spurned this on was the fact my wife has decided to buy me a nicer unit for x-mass! Im not sure where the $$$ is coming from (maybe I dont want to know lol), but it is a nice gesture on her part. Maybe she needs some nice videos of our granddaughter perhaps? Either way I am not complaining! (-:

Regardless, this has sent me on yet another quest to find a nicer, primary camera, and it seems to be leading me towards the Sony XR520V. It appears to have everything I need:

– Built in storage augmentable with flash cards

– Good lens with 12x zoom

– HDMI and MPEG-2 Outputs

– HD


– Headphone and External Mic Jacks (albeit no audio controls really)

Ok now, completely admitting I am a newbie to this. would this camera be too much? Seeing that I already have Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum, would this camera work well with that package? (I read in someones post that they had issues with AVCHD and this software).

Finally, knowing how I plan to use the nicer camera, would there be a better model or manufacture of camera in the +/- $1200 range that would serve my needs better or that I should have a look at? Is there something I am overlooking?

Again, any input would be greatly appreciated!

Mark (-:


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