Hi everyone, I’m not actua


Hi everyone,

I’m not actually planning a video real estate business, but as an Independent Video Services Provider. I thought this might be one area to work. I suspected there would be a lot of competition and it would be demanding, as what I’ve read has said as much. So, I’m glad to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Peter, as for training, I went to broadcasting school several years ago (Specs Howard School of Media Arts – was Broadcast Arts then – in Southfield, MI.) during my time in college and worked mostly full-time in that for 6 years. It has been 8 years since I’ve worked in that field, but am gearing up to go back since I am ready to work independently now. There are less production houses in the Detroit area with FT staff. So, I worked in fund-raising for a while and learned heavy sales, along with writing and following a business plan. I was successful in that and became confident that I could successfully work in video again, now that I know how to obtain business and am in a good position to work independently.


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