Hi Everyone, Agreed, if yo


Hi Everyone,

Agreed, if you’re looking to avoid any potential headaches, it’s best to go for royalty-free or custom sound/music. For those coming across this post down the road, there’s a great site out there with superb value, quality, and variety, especially for smaller or lower budget projects, and shorter film/video projects, called Audio Jungle. Even their extended licenses are a really good deal, all royalty free. Full disclosure, I’m a sound designer / composer, and I use them to sell some of my music and sound work. Check out my portfolio! http://audiojungle.net/user/SchwartzSound/portfolio?ref=schwartzsound

There are plenty of authors and material there if you don’t find what you need from me… or feel free to contact me for any custom work πŸ˜‰ Thanks for listening!

P.S. AudioJungle is also part of a family of royalty free marketplaces, such as for video (VideoHive) and graphics (GraphicRiver), so it’s a great place to find creative material (or inspiration) to help enhance any of your projects.

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