Hi everyone, my name is Ja


Hi everyone, my name is Jacob Turmel and my crew and I are making a film. Its a film based on the mafia and we have several gun scenes in the movie. We are about a little more than half way done with the movie and its going very good so far, but there is a few things i need some help on and one of them is making a gun shot effect, like a flash effect from a gun. We already have great blood and effects of people getting shot, but ive had trouble finding a way make the actual shooting the gun look good, sence i dont have much money to buy expensive software to make this effect i need to find a way to acomplish this effect. So i need some help, any ideas or maybe name off some software that doesnt cost that much that i can buy or something, anything that can help me i would be very greatful…..and if anyone needs any help on how to make a gunshot wound/blood effect then i can help you, just ask…..thanks and God bless

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