hi everyone, i need help f


hi everyone, i need help from you. I have an old 8mm camcorder (HITACHI) and i want to transfer the videos saved on the tape to my computer, but the problem is that I only have two RCA cables: the white and the red ones, the yellow one is missing. And my computer has no input to these connectors, and i think the camera has a mechanical problem, maybe because it was unused for afew years (the camera is from 1997, I guess…) – when I turn off the cam, it ejects the tape automatically;on the cam mode, when i want to record, it says on the screen NO TAPE because the tape isout; on the video mode, when i want to see my videos, it happens the same thing (tell me, is it normal?!?). Man,I just can’tinsert the tape again, and it’s driving me crazy!

So my question isHOW canI get the videos on the tape, canI usea DVD player to capture it? Should I put some cleaning tape as you were saying before? Where can I get the yellow cable, is it available somewhere?

Thank you so much for your help, I’ll be thankful.


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