Hi everyone,

AvatarEric Matyas

Hi everyone,

This week is a mixed bag. First off, I made looping versions of a some of the tracks on my Events/Travel page…I think these new looping pieces could sound very nice in games.

Here they are:

“Puddle Jumping_Looping”

“Magical Getraway_Looping”

“Mystical Journey_Looping”


Here’s a short intro piece that might be nice in a deep space game of some kind…or a video:

“Space Game Intro” on my Sci-Fi 5 Page

Sci-Fi 5

And a silly piece that might work in a crazy game or app:

“Monkey Races”

Funny 3

Next up, we have some sound FX on my Sci-Fi Ambience Page, starting with another slimy sounding Alien swamp piece. As I say on my site, if Kirk tells you he’s been to this place, he’s full of crap.

“Alien Swamp 2”

“Alien Atmosphere” (Looping and non-looping)

“Dystopic City Drone”

“Dystopic City Echo”

SFX – SciFi Amb

Just for kicks, we have:

“Creepy Percussion 11”

SFX – Creepy

And lastly, we have a force field sound effect. In retrospect, maybe I should have named it “Energy Field” instead, but oh well.

“Force Field” on my Snd FX -Sci-Fi Page

SFX – SciFi

As always, let me know if they are helpful! πŸ™‚

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