Hi everyone,

AvatarEric Matyas

Hi everyone,

A bunch of new free tracks are ready:

On the Quiet 2 Page:

“Serenity in the Sky”

Quiet 2

On the Funny 2 Page:

“Here Come the Weirds”

Funny 2

On the Fantasy 3 page:

“Crazy Candy Highway”_Looping
“Left Behind”_Looping
“The Magic Box”_Looping
“Fog Lands”_Looping

Fantasy 3

On the Fantasy 4 page:

“RPG Blues”_Looping

Fantasy 4

On the Sci-Fi 4 Page:

“Saturn Power Plant”_Looping

Sci-Fi 4

Daily updates are here:

Playlists are here:

Have a great weekend!

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