Hi everyone,

AvatarEric Matyas

Hi everyone,

I had to split up some of my genres (like Fantasy) so they now span multiple pages. This was done in order to improve performance of the site and (hopefully) make hunting for tracks a bit more manageable. If you have any problems finding anything, just let me know.

That said, this week’s new tracks are:

“Vast Places” (on the Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow Page)

Quiet / Peaceful / Mellow

“They’re Closing In” (on the Dark/Ominous Page)

Dark / Ominous

“Surreal Chase”_Looping (on the Fantasy Page)
“Bedtime Story”_Looping (on the Fantasy Page)


“The Creeping Blob”_Looping (on the Sci-Fi/Space page)
“Security Breach”_Looping (on the Sci-Fi/Space page)

Sci-Fi / Space

Daily announcements of new tracks here:

All the best,


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