Hi Eric, Thanks for your


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response. My hard drive, so I’ve found out, does run as 7200rpm and I’ve since managed to get rid of the buzz sound, which was down to HP Power Assistant that has since been disabled. I had hoped that it might cure the ‘sticking’ in the video capture too but unfortunately not.

I thought it might be the cable not sitting correctly in their housings but the connections are in and tight. I’m getting a glitch when I try to render too so I’m really sure some thing/soft/hardware is conflicting. Have been trawling the net for answers but cannot seem to find anything.

Have tried putting in ‘troubleshooting’ and ‘conflicts’ with Premiere and Windows 7 in google and most of the hits back tell me to upgrade to 5.5.2, which I may well do in the end but it’s more money to splash out. Annoying if there’s a simple answer out there.


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