Hi Eric,

AvatarDaniel Bruns

Hi Eric,


Once again, another great video that really shows off your love for rallies and rides! There's not much I would change when it comes to this episode – especially when it comes to your enthusiastic and thoughful commentary throughout. That being said, there is just about always room for improvement in any production – even productions that are at the top eschelons of the film industry. With that in mind, I hope my comments can help you improve your future episodes and not make you feel embarrassed or insulted.


At 1:50 when you appear onscreen, I noticed that you are in dappled light under a tree. Though it was likely a much cooler place to be than out in the direct sunlight, the moving areas of light and dark on your face distracted me from focusing on your comments. As such, it's typical for most filmers to avoid placing their subjects under a tree with dappled lighting so that the focus stays on the subject and not on the odd interchange of light across their face. The fact is, humans tend to look at the areas of greatest contrast in an image so the dappled light on your face stood out more than anything else on the screen.


This might be the history buff in me, but I also wanted to say that I really liked the backstory to how the town got it's name and what you can expect when you register. Those were interesting facts that I'm sure most people who made it to the rally never even knew about. Also, your focus on cool items like the leather beer holder was a welcome aside from the factual structure of your narrative. It made me appreciate your ability to spot the interesting amongst the chaos.


I thought I saw a flash frame in the blur/dissolve transition at 4:55.


At 7:50 I heard some pops in your audio. It might be best to re-record some of that narration.


At 9:00, it seemed that the ride footage went on a bit too long in my opinion. If you can show a variety of ride shots at this point, that would make for a more interesting and informational "bridge" for your video.


At 10:20, I would avoid using the same music that you use on your intro during the episode itself. I would also avoid repeating the song. This is because your intro song is like the branding for your Rally and Rides series. When people hear that song, they are trained to think about your intro since they've hopefully seen it many times up until this point. When you play the song without seeing the intro, it sort of feels like the episode should be over or a new one should begin. As such, it serves to confuse people and to draw people out of the story of the video itself.


All of that aside, I want to say that I really liked the video once again! You've done a great job of showing off your passions. I wish you the best and keep up the good work!


All the best,



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