Hi Earl – Yes – It’s Bruce


Hi Earl –

Yes – It’s Bruce (although I’ll answer to almost anything, including “Hey You”).

I understand the humor now (yes I did laugh upon command).

I still have and use an old Canon F1 and related accessories – That is the kind of camera I would want in a digital video model for around $1500 – Solidly built, three CMOS (they’re cheaper than CCD but just about as good IMHO), no lens (you get that separately and having interchangeable lenses is a must for me when I move up to a pro or prosumer model), mic input, headphone jack, flash recording (SXS, P2 or other), choice of recording formats (1080p, 1080i, SD, more if possible), variable frame rate, ability to add on things (like HDD) so if you want certain features, you could add them on at additional cost.

If you take a lot of the other “frills” away I think this could be done.

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