Hi Earl. There is a softwa


Hi Earl.

There is a software http://www.avs4you.com that is supposed to be ‘optimized’ for creating YouTube and Vimeo H264. It has a reasonable selection of awards (Softpedia. Laptop Editor’s Choice, Tucows, etceteras), so it is probably not junk. I am not averse to spending money if it will do something I need, but I am fairly sure thatVPro will dowhatI need, if I can find the right combination of settings.

My big frustration with Vpro right now is that they have such limited third-party hardware and software support. I would love to get the Matrox MX.O2 mini, as the MAX version has an accelerated H.264 encoder: however, VPro does not support it (or much of anything else). Everyone says that “Vegas is the future.” Well, not if they don’t support third-party hardware and software, it isn’t. If it does not support third-party hardware and software, then all it is, is a hobbyist’s tool that a number of pros use because of its simplicity and ease of use: so the name ‘Pro’ does not fit it at all.

I contacted Sony, and asked them what the issue was: they said (basically) that it costs money to support third-party hardware and software, and that they are trying to keep the cost down. My response: “In a ‘Pro’ version?” What is the point of making a ‘Pro’ version if it does not support professional third party hardware and software?

I wrote Sony a second time, and suggested that they come out with an ‘Ultra’ version (or something) that really does support third-party hardware and software, because it is really great and easy-to-use software, but if you cannot use professional stuff with it, then I do not get what is the point. I hope others write to them as well. http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/support/productsuggestion.asp

But what I’d really like to see is Sony make it a cross-platform software, so one could use it on either PC or Mac (and the same for Final Cut Pro).

Hi Darryl.

I asked on Creative Cow, and John Rofrano of VASSTsaid that one can use the ‘Sony AVC’ settings. Sony AVC used to be justfor PSP, but they have since expanded, so Iwill try to carve out some time to give that a try tomorrow.

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