Hi Earl – Most parts were


Hi Earl –

Most parts were purchased from CompUSA local store – I waited for sales and made several trips – Got the MONSTER Thermaltake case for $129, processor for $299, memory for $120, power supply for $79, motherboard for $189, hard drives for $169 each, EVGA GT430 for $74, $10 for inexpensive speakers (I use good headphones when editing) – without os or other software came to around $1300 with tax.

Already had a nice ASUS24″ 1080p monitor, lots of software & other peripherals (2tb SATA 3g HD, BluRay burner, DVD burner, etc…).

Add in $140 for Win 7 64 bit Pro and the same for my Vegas upgrade and am still under $2k for the whole shootin’ match.

The best decisions were 1) the case – got the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Full Tower gaming case – very roomy, lots of fans, amazing features like a built in hot swappable SATA HD cradle, front & back USB 3, very easy assembly; 2) the motherboard -The ASUS P8P67pro is amazing and has everything you’ll need – 1394, USB2 & 3, eSATA, decent sound, etc… – plus it’s ready for the really high end video cards if you wanna go that route.

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