Hi Earl, I can’t wait to r


Hi Earl, I can’t wait to read you book! Your advice in these forums is always spot on. Besides the issues mentioned by the readers above, I have two – a business issue and a tech issue.

The business issue is the problem of finding new customers. I am weak in this area as I get all my business from word of mouth recommendations. So, a chapter on marketing (emphasize low cost) would be very interesting to me.

The tech issue is sound. In my opinion, sound is far more difficult to capture than video. My bad experiences have generally centered on having to use existing PA systems. Sometimes the mics and other equipment is of poor quality, but more often the problem is the operator.

I would be very much interested in how you and others deal with various sound set ups such as stage plays, large singing groups on stage, weddings in churches with the wedding-coordinator-from-hell in charge. I have a few tricks that sometimes work for me, but I am always very nervous about sound.

Regards, Jaimie

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