Hi e – just watched some of


Hi e – just watched some of your hockey videos and they looked great. I didn't see any rolling shutter or skew The TM700 is a great little camera with a modern CMOS sensor that handles fast action just fine (I still have the TM900, and I love it).


I can't speak to the AC130's ability to shoot action, but it will be a real challenge to find a CCD camera that shoots 1080/60p and records to SD cards (the only one I know of is the JVC HM-150U, a camera with unimpressive image quality).


That said, here is a side-by-side test of the TM700 and the AC130.  This is a short OIS test, but you can also compare image quality (please watch at 1080p):






In my view, for YouTube distribution, unless you really need pro audio inputs, a top handle, 3 lens rings, etc., the image quality difference between the "consumer" and the "pro" cameras is not worth the $3275 you would pay for the AC130.


You can improve your image quality for lot less money with the fast autofocusing, moire-resistant large sensor $1298 Sony RX10.  This camera looks like a still camera, but is actually the best camcorder in its class.  It has a much larger sensor than the AC130 (1" vs 1/3") and produces stunningly clear 1080/60p video like this:





Hope this is helpful, good luck with your upgrade and best of the holidays!



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