Hi Don, My main problem wi


Hi Don,

My main problem with imovie is that I want to be able to adjust audio in the video clips and from what I’ve read you can’t really do that. I think I can live without the timeline and some other components but I would really like to be able to tweak certain vids if they’re too loud or quiet to fit with the rest of the vids. I watched your vid and while it does look pretty good I’m wondering about what if you wanted to bring the volume of the music down so someone could talk over it. Is that even possible? Also, can I take a large clip and cut it into two smaller pieces? If I remember correctly, there was no way to do that in iMovie HD. Finally, I’ve heard that you can only export your files in one settingand it’s only good for webstuff. What if I wanted to make a DVD?

Futball, I downloaded the MPEG-2 playback component and the last time I tried I believe the program failed to play the .MOD without me changing the file extension. I can try it again in a moment but I’m afraid to plug my camera in because I don’t want to lose any of those files. I will take your suggestion and get a SDHC card reader. Is that a USB device?

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