Hi Dick Frederick,

AvatarDaniel Bruns

Hi Dick Frederick,


I really like Woody's advice. You can't go wrong with any of his suggestions (he seems to be doing some very professional editing)!


Let me add one more suggestion to the mix, if you'll allow. Have you tried to just edit the AVCHD files in Premiere without transcoding first? If you find that editing in AVCHD doesn't slow down your timeline or result in stuttery playback, I would just edit in the native AVCHD format. This way you can guarantee that each project is only compressed once while you're exporting your final video instead of twice before it even gets placed in your timeline. The reason is that the extra transcoding compression step may lead to blockier video, color banding, and some pixellation not to mention the time lost in transcoding. 


Again, my advice? See how Premiere edits in AVCHD, and maybe you can save some quality! Good suggestions though Woody, I learned something new myself in your post!



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