Hi David, quantum improvement


Hi David, quantum improvement on the website video, you obviously know what you’re doing, sorry if I sounded patronising. My big issue with the BMPCC was although it’s small you can’t see the screen in daylight (like an iPhone but unlike the G7 evf) so you’ll need at least a hood, People do use it hand held, but the wobble doesn’t hold up against the G7 or even the iPhone IS, maybe you use a tripod all the time. Plus there’s no XLR audio (which is OK if you use most wireless lavs),and you need a battery workaround to get longer life. Of course the BMPCC is a great camera, just didn’t sound like that much of an upgrade from the G7, but you probably had the lenses and you might not need the mobility. The BMPCC obviously is capable of shooting great color.

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