Hi Danny, there are a number


Hi Danny, there are a number of things that can cause the un synchronized sound. Sometimes it is the buffer on the TV, sometimes it’s the limit of what can be transferred ‘live’ via USB 2. Here’s what I would do. First I’d take the SD card out of the camera and plug it directly into the tv. If the sound is still unsync’d it could be the TV buffer size (processor speed) or the size of the file. To check the TV I suggest checking if there is a software upgrade first. If not, try taking your camera, SD card and USB cable to a Panasonic TV dealer and try it out with their newest TV’s. If it works then it is your TV. But it worked before right? Your new camera is capable of much larger files so, short of buying a new TV, you may wish to experiment with the various file size and type options. The first thing I would do is compare 4K to HD. You didn’t mention if you recorded on your best setting but if you did record on 4K that signal is twice as large as HD. If HD doesn’t work, try SD. However, if HD doesn’t work I would suspect file type incompatibility. Your new camera may be producing a file type that your TV doesn’t understand. Check your manufacturer. If that is the case, or HD works but not 4K, the next step, to use your current TV, is to convert your new video files to a size and file format your TV can handle.

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