Hi Daniel, I have been abl


Hi Daniel,

I have been able to install and run CS3 with lengthy projects at 894& 512Mb RAM with minimal crashes…if any. I haven’t tried CS3 at 256Mb, butI’m stillconfident thatyou’d be able to installand complete a modest project… but withsome crashes ofcourse.

If you’re familiar with PP 2.0, you may have noticed that premiere is quite efficient when recovering “unsaved” crashed projects…even if it can’t recover the project, you should still have plenty of auto saved projects to choose from.If your project keeps crashing, (especially after using a recovered project) delete the rendered files (preview files) and the media cache files, than copy the contents of all the timline sequences and paste them intonew timeline sequences, than delete the old ones…but I don’t think you’ll have to go through all that as long as you keep the project light and simple.

Let us know how it works…I remember premiere pro 1.0workinggood at 128Mb RAM with a 500Mhz Processor…it was slow, but we didn’t know any better…I’m curious to see howCS3’s performance in “harsh conditions” compares to it’s predecessor’s.

Best Regards

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