Hi Daniel – I think it’s


Hi Daniel –

I think it’s great that you’re starting out so young in trying to hone your video skills.

I do a lot of family vacation videos and would suggest these things:

1) Shoot to edit – Video is cheap – especially HDD based – Take lots of footage so you can edit it down later – Always better to have too much rather than too little.

2) Use graphics and titles to help the end product along and give information about what’s happening.

3) Try voiceovers (where you have an audio track narrating) to help others understand what is going on (they weren’t there or they probably don’t recognize aunt Martha’s farm).

4) Find appropriate music – I only use royalty free music in my client’s work but for my own use (like vacation videos that will only be shown in my living room) I will use my own CD collection for ideas. GOod background music can really help a production along and bad music will really detract! If you want to show your video’s publicly, there are websites where you can get free non-commercial music to use in home productions (not for sale, requires credit, etc…).

Good luck – Just get out there and shoot!

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