Hi Cville, We are one of t


Hi Cville,

We are one of the two companies(out of20+)in our city (Winnipeg, Canada)that does what we describe as a Same Day MTV Edit. Here is a sample


Its definitely not for the faint of heart butits fun and exciting to do..imagine getting paid good money for 250-500 people to watch your wedding film..now that is priceless !! Our business have picked up considerably because of this ..


A WeddingFilmis still not accepted by a lot of couples as a must have for their wedding…I think its mainly because ofwhatclient’s haveseen previously or the type of experience someone close to them had..kindaruins it for everyone when someone offers to charge $350 to film the wholeweddingday, just your basic cut and paste editingand worse; deliver the final product a year or so later…the most common comment we’ve received from clients is ” i usually fast forward and will only watch once so why pay money when my uncle/cousin/friend can do that with their own camera?”

We deliver the final package 8-12 weeks. The film is usually about 45 mins – 1 hr long ..

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