Hi Cris and Birdcat Thanks


Hi Cris and Birdcat

Thanks for your responses.

Considering time learning – well it is very match straightforward. Very short setup process, than select a file to play and select a buddy to invite. It is very intuitive. Try it and you’ll see how easy it is.

Bandwidth: it is not quite so. First of all the our transcoding is quite efficient, it can be factor 10/20 or more, depends on the available upload bw. Currently we limit our upload stream to up to ~450Kbits/sec. It is configurable. Second – the use-case we provide is of more casual and instant kind. It is much like IM session versus an email. You have got your buddy online and you want to share with him/her something funny/exiting/personal right now, without any delay, as if you were sitting in the same room. Without waiting ,30min-couple of hours, for the file to upload. This is the use-case we have in mind.

Thanks again,


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