Hi Cory You have some pret


Hi Cory

You have some pretty good advice already. I have always been a PC user and since Windows 7 I believe the stability advantages of Mac have pretty much disapeared. You will have more options with Windows computers and a reasonable price advantage. I suggest Intel I7 processor with Windows 7 64 bitwith8GB Ram minimum. That will keep you future proofed for a while at least.

As for NLE software, I use Premier Pro CS5.5. it costs megabucks. A mate has Premier Elements 10 and I am astounded just how much he can do with a $100 bit of software. You can buy it bundled with Photoshop Elements for only about 30% more.

Adobe have good upgrade deals and if you are a student you can probably buy CS5.5 at a good price if you need the extra features. Premier Elements handles .mts files and you can burn DVD AVCHD and Blueray disks at the same quality as the 10 times more expensive software.

Good luck


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