HI Compusolver, ok lets c


HI Compusolver,

ok lets clarify a few things…

read and write to the same drive….
i should rephrease that to mean
do not RENDER to the same drive as you work (capture) from…. thus why i recommend a seperate render drive.
2 things are most important in final render (format change EG: DV to AVI/Mpeg) times.
CPU power
HDD thruput.

if you render to the same drive your raw files are on its terrribly slow compared to having 2 drives (or 2 raid arrays)
for a home hobbiest its fine. for a weekend warrior or worse a Pro its not acceptable as time is money!.

as to Video card i would use the Quadro 1500 Pro it has a breakout for composite/component/Svideo and does HD.
it does not have HDMI…

the other option is tho get Decklinks new HDMI card. it will allow capture and output its like $299 this can be used with your existing video card (assuming you have a PCIe slot)


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