Hi compusolver… Sorry fo


Hi compusolver… Sorry for the long post. It’s hard for me too since I have to use a reading glass myself.

Basically I just needed info from users on the JVC MC500. I found out a lot about it already and from what they’re saying it’s suppose to be a very high tech camera in a super small package. Last nite I downloaded a video clip, the “duck movie”, taken outdoor with that camera and it look great.

On the other hand, I don’t really need that much high tech or the tiny size. I make dvds for family and friends to save memories for the grandkids. It’s a hobbie but my main problem for the past 4 years have been sticking to a cheap camcorder that have no video quality.
What I need is:
1) A camcorder that produce a very high quality video. I shoot mostly fast moving watercraft in the sunny Colorado River. A little bit of sunset and night take too.
2) Good auto funtion is important since I don’t have any experience yet using the manual controls.
3) Steady zooming big pluss… My hands aren’t steady anymore so I need help from a good camera and a tripod.

Transfering the videos to computer has always been easy for me via firewire, USB or the video capture card.
My editing and Dvds burning is done using Ulead VS8 without a problem.
Still funtion isn’t importand if I get a really good video. It doesn’t matter to me if the camcorder is an older model or not if I can save some money and still have the quality I want…
Could you or anybody at this forum help me on what will be a good camcorder for me?

Sorry it’s a long post again. Thanks.

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