Hi Composite1, Thanks for


Hi Composite1,

Thanks for the input. But being new to this side of things, is there any reason the hoods that i have for my other lenses will not work? What are rails? I have an old Manfrotto tripod rated to something daft that should be ok, although a new head might be needed. Is there any reason it should not do the job? whatsafocus puller?, i thought it was an assistant of some kind. And UV glass.. are you talking about a filter? If so, again why would the filters i have not work? Of course some new software will be needed, not sure my photoshop would be quite up to the job, but i know there are video equivalents out there.

So given that i have a whole load of camera kit, and all the lensaccesories i need, which of course work perfectly with my lenses, which in turn (as i understand it) work well on the xl2, what else do i need? Tripod head, EF adapter, sortware………

Chanks in advance

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