Hi Comp. One of the reason


Hi Comp.

One of the reasons I was holding off upgrading from HDV tape to HD/SDHC is that I was sold on the thought of $7.00 Panasonic HDV tapes for archiving being cheaper. However, then when I ran the numbers, I realized that I only got 13GB for my $7.00, and it was limited to the 1440 x 1080 spec; and tapes also fail/break/age.

After running the numbers I realized that with 1TB HDD’s at $89.00, I get about six times as much storage for my dollar going with HDD’s, and the access to it is much faster than with tape. Even if I make a spare copy forredundancyI still get three times as much for my money; and then the backup is further improved if I make a backup offsite (which Ijust startedthis past week). So at that point the advantage ofcompletely digital storage becameobvious.

I read a few days ago (I think on ZDnet) that they are expecting to come out with 2TB SDHC cards in about a year. I imagine they will be pricey at first, but at some point, flash-based media will surpass the HDD in cost-effectiveness, and then we can expect to see further throughput speed gains(and reduction in the footprint sizes) due to ditching the spin drives. However, the spin drives will probably suffice as temporary digital storage for now.

So while archiving is kind of a part of the industry that is in transition, it seems double redundancy in an hdd format is probably one effective solution to archiving at this point in time.

Also, I must not understand Studio Daily. How does one get signed up so that one can get access to the Alpha Dog vlogs? I am signed up with them, but I never get notices of their vlogs.


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