Hi Comp. >>I’ve buil


Hi Comp.

>>I’ve built a Nanolight and have the materials to build a second (just not the time to do it!) The nano works really well (of course I had to tweak it some) and with flourescent lights I can get up to a 900w equivalent softbox. You can make them bigger than the traditional 6 light, but you have to change your construction materials to adjust for the weight.

I’ve been trying to shop my way out of building a nano, but I may have to break down and build one, because I cannot find a box that has all of the same features.

Steve Kaeser makes some great-ooking Cool Flo lights with three rocker switches as a kind of a ‘built-in dimmer’, but they do not have any directional fabric (or directional grid), which I think would be critical for a key light.


Alternately, I can get directional grid in a Wescott softbox to retrofit my Tota lamps, but it is a lot of money, and then I would still have a halogen lamp (which is hot), rather than a fluorescent.

So it looks like in order to get both fluorescent and directional grid, I may have to build it. Is six large compact-fluorescents (screw-in-type) enough? And are they really dimmable?

I am thinking I could also build one small one for use as an eye-light.

As for lighting the green screen, how would it be to buildfourvertically-stackable troughtsout of plywood, four-foot-six-inches-long each, and then put a four-foot long fluorescent lamp fixture in each of them (perhaps a standard four-footshop lamp, with the reflector on it), and then brace the boxes so they can be stacked two high, and be pointed at the green screen(for a total of nine vertical feet of light)? I am thinking that if one had such troughs, the light wouldgo straight onto the green screen, and the plywood trough wouldphysically block/gobo the light from getting on the talent.

Also,I read somewhere that people get 4100K lamps (greentint to them), to specifically work with the green of the screen. Does that sound like it would work?

Also, what make and model of fixture do you use for your fill and back/rim/hair lights? Do you use the ‘barn door’ thing? And what wattage of bulbs?


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