Hi Comp. >>I meant t


Hi Comp.

>>I meant to post that video, but I thought it might have been too advanced for many of the novices on these forums. Those folks are at the top of the game, Hollywood Industry Pro’s. Much of what they had to say is relevant to the independent producer and the novice starting out. Unless you’re rolling with budgets and deep-pocket client lists like they have, you’ll need to take the info they passed on and apply it at your scale.

I know I said that on another thread, but please let me say it again for the benefit of others who are reading: “When in doubt, please post.” I have begun ranging onto other forums in order to find the technical data I need, because the stuff is not readily available here on Videomaker. Something about the VM forum, I dunno, I just like it. I just wish the pros like yourself would post the more technical stuff as well, so I don’t have to roam.

I think it is really, reallynice that you give such consideration and respect to beginners and hobbyists, but I think most people are smart enough to filter and sort out what they do and don’t really need. I know I am hungry for more.

Hi Darryl,

>>Hey composite1I agree 100% with what you are saying but I thought that while people are always asking this question in all kinds of fourms they should see what the big guys are saying.

I totally agree with that. That video helped me a lot. I have about a year and a half left on this workstation before I can upgrade, and I am seriously considering the Mac and FCP, just because I value my time (and fewer headaches) more than I value the money (and I think that’s the way to go). However, that video made me stop and think at a much higher level: if Steve Jobs is ill and people are already leaving the FCP team, then I should really pay more attention to what the alpha dogs are saying and doing. Nice post, and please keep ’em coming.

>>Besides I cut my teeth on Vegas and I will continue to use Vegas thats me. I can do everthing in Vegas that a person can do in FCP and Adobe. Trust me I know this as I also have CS3 on my computer as well but all i really use from that is AE. Take a look at this training video that Dr. Eric Franks does on D-Juice with vegas and listen to what he says about Vegas

I completely agree with that, and I love Sony Vegas (a lot). Just the fact that I can throw anything at all up on the timeline without conversion is so nice, it makes me want to stay loyal to it. However (and there is always one of those in this industry)I am very frustrated with Sony at the moment, because just like they try to squeeze more money out of people with their proprietary nonsense in their cameras (e.g., ‘Memory Stick’ instead of Compact Flash or SDHC cards), they also like to keep secrets from third party vendors, and don’t provide support. It makes it so very limiting.

For example,Matrox MX.O2 will not work with Vegas, andwhile BMD works, it is not officially supported.Also, Vegas Pro 8 worked with Boris and Cineform, but now inversion 9 there are issues between 32 and 64 bit. Either theSonydevelopersfailed to coordinate with Boris andCineform, or else they ‘forgot’ to include the same drivers in v9 as they had in v8; so now we haveto wait for the v9a patch before we can usethosethings in both 32 and 64 bit. I don’t know how this affects other people, but I find it frustrating in the extreme, because I need the larger media sizes that v9 supports, and I just went to a lot of trouble to go 64 bit, because Sony said they were going to get behind their software. I just don’t get it: Sony doesnot treat their cameras or their laptopsthat way:so why do they treat the mostpromisingsoftware platform in the world thatway? It is like they are sitting on it, hoping to suffocate it to death when they could be helping it to become thechampion of the world.

And why optimize for AMD, whenmost of the world has gone Intel? And why notmake it cross-platform, so it would work on either aPC or a Mac? I would love to go Mac for my machine, butI don’t want to lose Vegas. So if Sony is getting behind theirsoftware as they say,then why are we stuck with one platform, and why all the bugs, and lack of third-party integration and support?

I just don’t get it.

>>Take a look at this training video that Dr. Eric Franks does on D-Juice with vegas and listen to what he says about Vegas

I apologize, but I do not see the link. I would love to view that video. Can you please point me towards it?


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