Hi Comp. I apologize for p


Hi Comp.

I apologize for posting the same video. Anyhow, I thought it was very good.

>>Again the ’12 minute’ limit is per clip. Yes a 4GB card will only hold one 12 minute continous shot. A 32GB card will hold more. Considering the average ‘cut shot’ is 10 seconds long I don’t see what the malfunction is. I mean ask yourself, ‘what are you going to shoot for 12 minutes straight without cutting?’

Interviews. Camp meetings. Classes and teachings. Lots of stuff. I cannot afford a break in the footage. But I will definitely keep an eye open for the EOS 6, or whatever comes out next.

To me, the form factor is a non-issue; but I’ve got to be able to get at least an hour, preferably three.


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